The Gonstead System in North Liberty

The Gonstead system in North Liberty IA

At our office we use an advanced form of chiropractic care in North Liberty called the Gonstead System. This is a technique based on specificity and precision that helps to analyze the spine structurally and correct the underlying problem that is leading to your symptoms.

What makes Gonstead Chiropractic care different? Simple…Every part of the Gonstead technique is centered around specificity and precision to deliver the highest quality of Chiropractic care possible. First, we start with analytical, objective assessment with the most advanced tools available. Then we put together a care plan the specifically works for you.

Why don’t all Chiropractors practice Gonstead? Because the specific analysis takes more time and mastering the art of delivering a specific adjustment takes a LOT of time and practice. In fact…

Less than 2% of Chiropractors in Iowa specialize in the Gonstead Technique!


  1. Visualization: We analyze your posture and the structure of the body for subtle changes cluing us in to where problem areas may be.
  2. Static Palpation: We physically examine the spine noting the positions of the bones of the spine as well as areas of swelling and other signs pointing to injury within the spine
  3. Motion Palpation: We check to see how your spine is moving. Injuries to the joints of the spine prevent the spine from moving as well. Being able to see how your spine is moving gives us information allowing us to deliver the most precise adjustment possible.
  4. Thermography: When the joints of your spine are injured and irritate spinal nerves, it changes the temperature of the skin controlled by those same nerves. We use an instrument called a nervoscope which we glide along the spine showing us areas where the nerves are irritated. This allows us to be specific with our adjustment by allowing us to see where the areas of interference are in your nervous system.
  5. Structural Radiographs: We take full spine x-rays at the clinic, allowing us to see exactly what is going on in the spine and how the areas of injury are affecting the other areas around it. After thoroughly analyzing your films and measuring the position of the bones of your spine down to the millimeter we are able to understand the how the spine is positioned so we can deliver a more specific adjustment allowing for better results.
  6. Symptom Correlation: Finally, we analyze your symptoms and correlate them with the chiropractic analysis described above. After this thorough and detailed cross examination, we accurately pinpoint your specific problem area(s)


The Gonstead adjusting technique provides the most precise adjustments available. This precision allows us to provide a more gentile thrust that requires no twisting of the spine. This results in a reduced amount of interference in your nervous system providing your body with a better opportunity to heal itself.


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